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To celebrate reaching over 200 followers, we are doing a giveaway! 


  • Jazz, News of the World, and The Game records.
  • Postcards with pictures of Freddie’s stamp collection.
  • Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert programme.
  • Guitar Player Magazine with Brian on the cover.
  • Queen + Paul Rodgers promo poster.


  1. Must be following Queen Song of the Day.
  2. To enter, just reblog!
  3. Likes don’t count.
  4. You can reblog as many times as you want.
  5. We will ship anywhere in the world.
  6. Make sure that we can get in contact with you, either through your ask or through the messaging service on Tumblr.
  7. Ends April 25, 2014!

Go, go, go, Little Queenies!

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